1. avatar welshchris
    Us Slomatics folks have a new T shirt design available.

    To make sure we have the right sizes for everyone that wants one they're on Pre Order Until the 21st May. Obviously once Pre Order Ends the Ts will be made and posted out very quickly afterwards.



    You have a choice of BLACK T (with White Print) OR BLUE T (with White Print).

    6 from us at gigs/ in person or 9 posted UK + IRELAND. (10 International Postage).

    Use the Big Cartel Shop link to order (and pay by paypal) if you need it posted.


    The design has something to do with our song "Lose The 5" about Britians last hangman Albert Pierrepoint for anyone that's interested.
  2. avatar Strong Reaction
    Class. Read a book about him not so long ago. I'll be in touch about a shirt.
  3. avatar POSITIVExYOUTH
    Cool design! Order has been made.
  4. avatar welshchris
    Cheers :D

    oh for anyone that goes with blue T (white print), it'll be a dark blue.
  5. avatar welshchris
    I've placed the order for the Ts.

    The big cartel site manages stock control , so if you want one order it through the link, if it shows in stock we have it.


    Cheers everyone that's already bought one we'll get them in the post as soon as they come back from printing.