1. avatar SONI Live
    [b:9167de6932]SONI[/b:9167de6932] presents...

    [b:9167de6932]All The Best![/b:9167de6932]

    New Band Special

    [b:9167de6932]THE LOVE SEEDS[/b:9167de6932]
    (Femanagh born, Belfast based, harmony driven folk/indie/punk crossover! Their SONI debut)

    [b:9167de6932]SENSIBLE CREATION[/b:9167de6932]
    (Brand new alternative rock outfit from Lisburn. First SONI show in Belfast)

    (Lisburn based soulful singer-songwiter - strong vocals and songs, and a big future)

    Lavery's Bunker, Belfast (Bradbury Place)
    Thursday 13th March
    Early Doors 8pm, Admission 3.50 - includes free admission to Radiation rock/alternative club afterwards!

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  2. avatar Alan Kennedy
    Bump. Be there folks! Sensible Creation ftw! :D