1. avatar Jeebas
    Still getting rid of stuff including this mint condition mid 90s Marshall JTM 45 amp head. I've had this for about 15 years but it's only ever had very light home use and never been gigged or even used at band practice.

    Recently serviced by Tony Hamilton including new Harma Cryo power valves and a new rectifier valve. Fantastic, classic Marshall tone. 600 (inc quality cover).

    Check it out here:




    I also have a 1960s Vox Conqueror 2 x 12 speaker cab which i may also consider selling - it currently has a Celestion Vintage 30 and an actual vintage G12T-75.

    PM me if interetsed.


  2. avatar Jeebas
    Wee bump...
  3. avatar anty2
    pm me price your wanting for the vox