1. avatar adambrown123
    Hi folks!

    I am on the lookout for a few decent microphones, in particular stereo small-diaphragm condenser microphones and a really good kick drum mic (possibly a AKG D112).

    Let me know if you have insight
  2. avatar Chewie

    I have

    Shure sm57 (top cap is loose but it works fine)
    AKG D 130/1
    JSH MUD525

    don't know if any of them interest you?
  3. avatar russell
    Would you be interested in an AKG C2000B large diaphragm condenser mic (fixed cardiod polar pattern)? It's a studio mic, I don't use it any more as I've a pair of C414s. It comes with a small silver flight case. Only thing is - I don't have a spare shockmount cradle for it - rather, the only shockmount I have for it cost 90 so I couldn't really bundle them together. You could get a clip for it really cheaply though, but a shockmount might cost you another 20-30...

    The C2000B is a good workhorse mic, I've used it for everything from vocals, guitar cabs, acoustic guitar and drum overhead/room micing, all with good results.

    Also, if your budget allows it, check out the Electro Voice RE-20 for kick drum micing. It's another versatile mic, Thom Yorke uses it on vocals and it's often used for radio too. Useful if you need to mic up a bass cab. I don't have one for sale, but just a heads up if you can get a good deal on one.

    All the best,