1. avatar rinky

    Come celebrate 4 years of the Boovious Rile with Bop Yestrum DJs, California psych-pop dudes GANGLIANS (Woodsist / Captured Tracks) and Belfast laŁtrock allstars DOCUMENTA.

    MP3: [url=http://www.oscillationsfestival.com/blogeth/bloodonthesand.mp3]'BLOOD IN THE SAND'[/url]
    Sacramento's Ganglians spent the later part of 2009 on a tour with Wavves in the U.S., Ganglians are the latest in a long line of indie lo-fi excellence from the Woodsist label (Kurt Vile, Wavves, Woods, Crystal Stilts, Vivian Girls, Blank Dogs, etc) with a psychedelic touch - names like The Beach Boys and The Kinks appear regularly in reviews, but the songs are so varied that a different 5 bands come to mind with every song. Psychedelic it may be, but a lot of this stuff is jump around the room punk rock. . A lot of noise and yelling, a garage a thon, sounds recorded live in that way that most live stuff doesnít come close to.


    Drone pop: three chords good, two chords better, one chord best.

    [b:d28b82a02d]BOP YESTRUM DJs[/b:d28b82a02d]
    The Bop Yestrum moth took flight in 2006 with a singular blend of masked mayhem, communal percussion and whacked-out visuals. After outstaying their welcome in bars across Belfast, Bop has settled in it's spiritual home of The Menagerie with monthly sets of the finest international psychedelia and rock 'n' roll. Playing strange and beautiful little-heard gems, the sights are still set on dancefloor abandon.

    In addition to their Menagerie residency, Bop Yestrum DJs have curated evenings of the Belfast Film Festival, Visonic and Oscillations, performed at Electric Picnic and Homemade Jam festivals, and hosted live gigs from the likes of Health, Sic Alps and Indian Jewelry.


    "Breed...recently...catering...curious. Month...way...likely...anthems. Guys,...formula...chin...dancers"
    [i:d28b82a02d]- The Guardian Guide 'Club of the Week'
    "Probably...you'll...hear...Arthur. Mummy....Goldblum...projector. Homemade...mod...is...invisible. Easily."
    [i:d28b82a02d]- The Vacuum[/i:d28b82a02d]

    For fans of Donkey Parade, Dancing Dogs, The Judging of The Goats, Goose March, Gerry Anderson.
  2. avatar Warren Drugs
    Joe Greene's venereal tenterhooks now almost at breaking point.
  3. avatar boarsheadtaverncheapside
    Are there likely to be tickets available at the door? and/or a shop where you can buy them?
  4. avatar rinky
    Door should be grand.
  5. avatar blonderedhead
    Are tickets still £5 before 11 or is that now scrapped?

    Don't wanna sound tight but just thought I could get more friends down on the premise it's only a fiver in
  6. avatar rinky
    £7 this Saturday as we have a touring band and local support in. Tell your mates to go wild and spend the extra 2 quid, Ganglians are worth it.
  7. avatar blonderedhead
    Alright, I'll try use my powers of persuasion then.

    Do you have any rough stage times? Like will it be an early/late gig?
  8. avatar the dirty weed
    like 11.15 and midnight for the bands
  9. avatar rinky
    Yestify! 8: Four Years In The Boovious Rile

    50 tracks from the early days of Yestrum to celebrate our 4th birthday
  10. avatar the dirty weed

  11. avatar goatboy
    Yibes and Dilda. Yibes and Dilda. Or worse.