1. avatar jenniemcc
    Up In The Attic (UITA) opened it’s doors in Auntie Annie’s over five years ago and since then has established itself as the best place in Northern Ireland to find new and emerging talent. Helping to launch the careers of bands like Panama Kings, Kowalski, Strait Laces, And So I Watch You From Afar, General Fiasco, Joe Echo and Two Door Cinema Club, over 300 bands have graced the stage since March 2005.
    18th July 2010[/b:e55ca32dfa] marks the 100th show for UITA and they’re celebrating in style, inviting back 10 previous performers for a one off show in Belfast’s Limelight.

    Having been described as ‘local music champions’ by the Belfast Telegraph, UITA organisers Bruised Fruit have constantly and tirelessly promoted Northern Irish music through live showcases and CD releases. Bruised Fruit founder Jennie McCullough says [i:e55ca32dfa]“UITA has been a stepping stone for so many Northern Irish bands who are now enjoying full careers in the music industry. We are so proud and so thrilled that we’re had the chance to work with such talented people at the start of their careers. The 100th show is really a celebration of how great Northern Irish music is and gives all the bands who have played a chance to come back and party with us.”[/i:e55ca32dfa]

    The 100th show is free to attend for all band members who have performed on the UITA stage and £5 admission otherwise. There will be promotions and competitions running throughout the night.

    The full line up is still to be announced but features a selection of past UITA performers and a few special guests.
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  2. avatar Recycled Alien
    Hmm. Are you sure you've thought this through? 300 bands have played, say with an average lineup of 4. So that's around 1,200 people you're letting in free to the Limelight? :D

    Actually, I've played UITA in two different bands. That sort of thing probably brings the average down a bit. Call it a round thousand. :O

    Seriously though: a real milestone. The 300 bands shoots down the idea that gigging in Belfast is restricted to a small "clique".
  3. avatar jenniemcc
    Yes, we've thought it through.

    I know it seems mad, but every 10 shows in when we release a CD we always invite back the last 30 bands that have played to come along for free.

    This is just a bigger version of that, so we needed a bigger venue (hence Limelight)

    There *will* be a system to it. All bands who have played will be contacted and they'll have to pre-register for a guestlist slot.

    This could turn out to be a complete logistical nightmare but we'll give it a go.

    Chances are a) a good portion of the people entitled to guestlist places won't register for them and b) a portion of people who register for guestlist places won't turn up.

    If we hit capacity then so be it.

    My advice is get down early.
  4. avatar jenniemcc
    ATTN all bands who have ever played at UITA.

    You are entitled to a free guestlist place at out 100th show!

    You MUST pre-register before Monday 12th July using this link:

    [url=http://bit.ly/uita100 ]http://bit.ly/uita100 [/url]

    Please note - a guestlist place does NOT guarantee admission, it just means you get in for free.
  5. avatar DuncanDisorderly
    Bump - get on the guestlist!

    The line-up is as follows(in no particular order):

    Pocket Billiards
    The Cahier Collection
    Black Bear Saloon
    Colenso Parade
    Strait Laces
    The Good Fight

    You can view the event on Facebook by following [url=http://www.facebook.com/#!/event.php?eid=339415802207&ref=ts]THIS LINK[/url].

  6. avatar DuncanDisorderly
    I have emailed (most) of the bands who have played for us via MySpace - get on the guest list!