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    Hey folks

    Putting this up separate from my other AD140 thread.

    Ideally i'd like to sell the Head and Cab together, but just in case that doesn't happen, I'll list the cab separate as well. Photos can be taken if absolutely necessary, but will take a few days to acquire due to my current proximity from WAR rehearsal room.

    It's in brilliant condition cosmetically, a few nicks, scraps and rips on the tolex - 'Gig scars', but importantly no marks or rips on the grill cloth. For a 6 year old cab, it really does look fucking beautiful!

    more importantly, how does it sound?



    A beautiful weighty feel to the entire cabinet - A personal note to anyone playing through a marshall cab, you really don't know what your missing with one of these! Playing marshall's, like playing through something you've made in technology class! The build quality difference is actually shocking!

    Important stuff;

    *It can handle 8 or 16OHM

    *240 Watts

    The projection you get from any head through this thing is astounding. The dynamic scope achievable, is easily one of the best i've ever heard, even in comparison to Mesa cabs, this thing fucking rocks something serious!

    Celestian vintage 30's I do believe are the stock speaker. Quite the sounding stock.

    Absolutely NO phasing/Fizzing/Booming sound problems from any of the speakers and it records like a fucking dream!

    I still own an Orange 2x12 so I'm not really losing out on sound quality by selling this (Thank fuck!), but I have no need for this beast anymore and could be doing with other gear. So that's my motive for selling.


    cheers me dears

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    Bumpity :-)
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    bump :)
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    hey m8,
    offer 200 cash
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    [quote:f319951bd6="ashu123"]hey m8,
    offer 200 cash[/quote:f319951bd6]

    No disrespect bro but thats a bit far off the mark.

    This is a seriously shit hot cab, in fantastic shape which retails for about 600.

    400 is a good deal for this cab.
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    bumpity :)
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    bumpity :)

    Would consider a swap for a decent combo (depending on price comparison). Any offers?
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