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    On Saturday 15 May, the Undertones will headline a unique event, Good Vibes from Belfast. The concert, sponsored by Fresh Garbage, will take place at the Mandela Hall and tickets are 16.

    Concert Details
    Venue Mandela Hall
    Date Saturday 15 May 2010
    Artists The Undertones, Pocket Billiards, Acoustic Dan + Very Special Guests
    Tickets - 16 available from www.ticketmaster.ie, www.gotobelfast.com or by calling at Easons, Donegall Place, Belfast or The Belfast Welcome Centre, Donegall Place, Belfast,
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    [quote:ad5d8192d4="savagebilliards"]TOMORROW! Wooop!!![/quote:ad5d8192d4]

    Fixed :lol:
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    Further Info on http://fastfude.org/profile.php?id=7704
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    Can you pay in at the door for this?
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    Cheers desus any times?