1. avatar Lorcan
    Pavilion Bar,
    Sat. May 15th at 8pm.
    5 admission.

    Here's the lowdown:



    Psychadelic Classic Metal

    Spiral Force is a rock and roll sex machine, dedicated to creating love songs of Power and Beauty unto the Great Goddesss, in celebration of the manifestation of the Law of Thelema throughout the world. We are also a musical War-Engine; and by the Power of the Hawk-headed mystical Lord, strive to smite with sound the forces of tyranny and superstition that they may be banished from the world, to the end of absolute individual liberty for all. We are revolutionary warrior-bards dedicated to using music as a catalyst to illuminate the path of human evolution and celebrate the transformation of the religious, political and social order of the world.

    Love is the law, love under willREBELS BY NATURE


    Southern Metal

    Born from a desire to take rock n roll from the hands of those who play it safe, bow to pop culture and adhere to the bubble-wrapped pc world we live in REBELS BY NATURE are dirty, raw, unadulterated rock n roll.



    Post Hard-core

    There's a refreshingly genuine rock gut at the centre of these tracks, with no frills attached or box-ticking suffix required. Theirs is a sound of racing guitars and brutish rhythm, complementing soaring vocals that traverse the sing scream balance beam with grace and ease. A tight effort in every regard.
    -Alternative Ulster


    Prog Rock

    THE SUSPENDED MENU: Starters: Tasty bass (with complimentary) sample, served on a bed of fresh riff driven guitar salad, with a side of big beats. Main Course: Beef axe with a valve burning juice and an angry but melodic vocal poetry dressing, bass (this time freshly caught!) and served with no choice of vegetable, but still beats you to death! Dessert: All of the above (rich and dense).
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  2. avatar adi.feud
    this gig is [b:fbdf492de1]may 15th[/b:fbdf492de1]
  3. avatar salfhal
    [quote:220d14e532="adi.feud"]this gig is [b:220d14e532]may 15th[/b:220d14e532][/quote:220d14e532]

    Also, none of the bands play metal. And it's spelt Jackalfeud. And it's 5million quid in??? EEP!
  4. avatar Lorcan
    Yes, 5 [i:6239c9db54]MILLION[/i:6239c9db54] pounds, 'cos it'll be that good ;)

    Apologies for the typos: my affiliation with Dark Horse promotions is as an errand monkey, and monkeys make mistakes! In spite of my computer illiteracy I've changed the mistakes.

    They don't play metal? Well the info. I posted was straight from their myspaces :S

    It should be a great night, regardless of genre. :D
  5. avatar ramserpent
    Tonight... really looking forward to this!!!


    Spiral Force