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    My first post!
    Mastering is the final step in transforming your tracks before they are replicated. ST Mastering offers services to everyone involved in audio sound.

    You can achieve the highest level of quality without breaking your bank balance. Our professional mastering service is cheaper than all of our competitors . Better quality & Better results.

    We are based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. We have a strong commitment to all our clients, As long as it takes to get your perfect sound at an exceptional low cost. Why? Because we believe that everyone involved in audio should have the opportunity to have their music improved to each acquired flavour of the highest standard that is offered by elsewhere mastering services.

    We donít use preset mastering. Every single master is created with our own unique ST signature of outboard & digital processes catered to each of our clients audio specifications.

    Send your song for a free example here:


    Tracks mastered at £8.00 + further discount for additional Tracks

    What to expect

    Improving the clarity, definition & warmth

    optimizing average and peak volumes for relative loudness

    Remove unwanted noise, clicks, pops & hiss

    Signal Processing, Compression & EQ

    Bass management, Stereo Widening, Mastering Reverb

    Fades/Cross Fades, Error Check


    Red-Book Specification Master, Ready for duplication
    Dedicated 320kbps Master included
    Optional USB flash drive contained master (Add £5 inc p&p)

    Fast Turn-around Times
    Notification of files received & expected completion date.

    Online preview of your masters for approval

    Secure FTP Uploading & Downloading

    Listen to your tracks before, We wont take payment until you are satisfied.






  2. avatar nocturn
    Hey, just checked out your site there, very competitive prices! Wouldn't mind hearing some of your work, got any before and afters?