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    Fender Hot-Rod DeVille 410 for sale (2005).
    60watts Tube amp, 3 Channels (Clean, Drive, More-Drive).
    Great Reverb.
    4 x 10 Inch Speakers for huge, tight low end.
    Fitted with JJ 6L6 Power Tubes and a mix of Mesa, EH and Groove Tube 12AX7 Pre-Amp Tubes for greatly improved distortion and cleans.
    Original Footswitch and Cover Included.
    Grill slightly darkened over the 5 years as all good Fender's do.
    Studio and Rehearsal use only.
    This amp is loud and the cleans are to die for!
    Takes pedals very well also.
    Has an Effects Loop.

    Selling for 400
    I'm in Crawfordsburn, Bangor but can get it to Belfast if needs be.
    Ring Kevin on 07762196405
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    Shameless Bump!
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    This item has been sold!