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    Okay, so I'm broke and need some cash so I'm parting with some gear

    2004 (50th Anniversary) USA strat. Its white with a pearloid red pickguard. Its been setup recently by Dennis Currie. The pickups have been upgraded to:
    Neck; Suhr FL neck pickup
    Middle; Fender Custom Shop Fat 50's
    Bridge; Seymour Duncan Hot Rails

    Maple neck, alder body. Great guitar, very very reluctant to part with this, so the price is a very reasonable 675 ovno.


    Thats a pic of it.

    Few wee tiny nicks, but otherwise in superb playing condition. This is a great guitar, and would serve any gigging musician very well.

    M Box with Pro Tools LE 6.4

    Also comes bundled with ableton live, Reason for M Box and USB lead, comes with original box too.

    130 ono


    Some info ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    Digitech Synth Wah - autowah, synth sounds, envelop filter etc. Great wee pedal, very interesting sounds from it



    Info ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


    Vid ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    For any further info or pics email me at donkeymagician@hotmail.com or PM.

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    Oh and I'm in Lurgan, and if theres no interest after a few days these are all going to ebay cos I need the cash
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