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    we when to view a house yesterday with L&Q. after viewing it we were told that she would get back to us[because we have a cat]. we came to expect this, as most places are worried that a pets will ruin the house. after telling her that we have had the cat in the last 3 houses and no problems and that we can get a letters from the landlords to prove that. she got back to us today. asking for 1000 instead of 500 deposit not including the 500 first months rent. that's 15000 before we even sign any thing.I don't think is legal but I don't know and if any does know can u get back to me as I've been raped by est agents before.as I am sure many others have too.
    Also Bright House on Stranmillis are known for this. if any one is renting of them, do NOT return the keys before you get your money back. They were once part of Remax and had to split from them last year however the owner of Bright House is was one of the people that had to "quit" Remax
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    having been a builder/property developer for over 15 years i can confirm that estate agents are generally wankers.on a rental its either NO PETS or PETS ALLOWED.the estate agent is just acting as a go between for the owner of the property and you ,so it will prob have been the owners decision to up the deposit.Maybe theyve had problems before with car shit who knows or just dont like animals!Id look elsewhere as they prob wont have a problem getting someone else to rent it.
    theres fuck all you can do legal action wise
    hope u get sorted

    (Id keep schtum about yer moggy in future!)