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    My Lord Sound:

    My-lord sound was founded in 2003, After the return of Sister Ellen an Ranking Levy from Jamaica, the Idea to set up a sound was in there minds, until the final decision came up in one bright day at st. Elizabeth JA, and then the name My-Lord sound was chosen. The sound was formed with a mission to play a wide variety of Jamaican music, which at the time was not played what so ever at Tel-Aviv's/ Israel's night clubs and bars. Sister Ellen started spinning Levy's selection of old Jamaican 45"s & LP's from 17th north parade- Randy's JA.


    Explosion Soundsystem:
    N.Irelandís original and best Reggae crew, bringing the sound of Jamaica to Belfast since 2002. We run and promote Reggae nights in and around the city playing the very best in Ska, Rocksteady, Reggae, Dub, 80ís Dancehall and beyond...

    £5/£7 After 11
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