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    Quick list of the items for sale, scroll down for the specs and details.

    Pigtronix Disnortion - 100
    80's Japanese Boss CE-3 - 50
    80's Nady Flanger - 30
    OLP MM2 Bass - 60

    [b:7779501715][size=200]Pigtronix OFO Disnortion[/size][/b:7779501715]
    Pedal The Pigtronix OFO Disnortion stomp box features a touch sensitive Overdrive, Fuzz with 6 different filters and frequency-doubling, Octava.
    Each effect is an original design and can each be used independently or in combinations to forge a tremendous range of musically responsive distortion sounds. The unique magic of the Pigtronix OFO Disnortion is parallel Fuzz and Overdrive, allowing you to pile on the gain without sacrificing clarity, dynamic response, punch or low end. Well voiced tone and shape controls allow you to focus each effect on its own frequency range. The Octava effects pedal is wired in series before the Overdrive and Fuzz, allowing the guitar pedal to produce a unique type of gated, gnarly grind that is absolutely devastating. A buffered output provides a clean signal for parallel processing, direct recording or a side-chain trigger source for the Pigtronix EP-1. Overdrive There has never been an Overdrive quite like this. The Pigtronix Overdrive responds to the dynamics of your playing using a proprietary, 5-stage gain architecture that retains the natural tone of your instrument, while gradually breaking up as you play louder. The circuit is so touch sensitive, it has been described as "...more tube than tube." You must hear it to believe it! From clean or gritty boost right up through Plexi roar, the Pigtronix Overdrive is the most musical overdrive ever made. Fuzz massive gain, full bodied sustain and flexible tone shapes define the fuzz effect. Pigtronix's unique version of diode-clipping provides plenty of compression and controllable feedback while preserving the dynamics of your playing style. The rotary tone control switch provides 6 musical EQ curves: Bass, Scoop, Treble, Smooth, F.A.T., and Full Range. The Pigtronix fuzz can go from clean boost to hair raising, shred fisted, freak out pandemonium! Octava This frequency doubler effect makes the notes you play sound one octave up. A filter control allows you to achieve singing octave up tones without adjusting your guitar's tone control. Stable intervals such as 4ths and power chords result in knarly, tweezed out grind, while other intervals create ring-modulator textures in all registers. The Octava is wired in series with the other 2 effects for harmonic filled lead tones and outlandishly bizarre crunch. Combine the Octava with both fuzz + overdrive and... fuggettaboutit!
    For Fans of Zvex and Hendrix/Melvins etc.

    [b:7779501715][size=200]Boss CE-3[/size][/b:7779501715]
    Superior build quality to the modern Boss pedals with a stereo output for huge glassy cleans, and great nick for its age. These were discontinued in 1992, and marked the first boss pedal to be made in metallic finish. This is the pre-Taiwan Green labelled model.

    [b:7779501715][size=200]Nady Flanger[/size][/b:7779501715]
    I don't know much about this pedal, it remains a bit of an enigma to me, but all i know is that it's a class wee pedal with a really organic sounding flange (think Paul Gilbert get out of my yard album) Think its analog, and pretty sure its an 80's model, so 30 quid is a steal for a really nice wee pedal.

    [b:7779501715][size=200]OLP MM2[/size][/b:7779501715]
    This is a great playing wee bass, I've owned it for less than a year and it hasn't been gigged once. It could do with a little attention, though nothing major, it's in exactly the same condition that i bought it in, with one machine head having been snapped off by the previous owner and a dodgy jack, though this is literally a 5 minute job to repair, i just haven't had the time or the interest since i stopped playing bass.

    Drop me a PM if anything takes your interest.
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    i would be intrested in the bass 60 is a bit cheep, im wondering if there more that need to be done to it. not to be looking a gift horse in the mouth, but im very intrested give me a shout back.
  3. avatar Setzer
    Would you take 50 for the Satchurator?

    If so shoot me a pm with your location etc.
  4. avatar Jameboat
    Satchurator Sold! Hartke sale pending.
  5. avatar Jameboat
    Hartke Sold!
  6. avatar Jameboat
    Any sensible offers considered, really need the cash.
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    Cheeky bump.
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    Amp now sold! Any reasonable offers still considered.
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