1. avatar TheShredguru
    Hey we are a band called 'A Symphony Of Stars' and we areinterested in recording a single..

    We would like to know prices and get the best possible price.

    Please pm me or reply leaving details.. Thanks - Carl.
  2. avatar anty2
    Einstein Studios, talk to frank(ie)
  3. avatar TheShredguru
  4. avatar flightstrip
    Frankies been recording prob longer than uv been alive and believe it or not is way cheaper than most other recording studios.if u dont go there ul be damned to an eternity of scraping the cheese off satans cock!
    make sure u prepare like fuck before u even go near a studio or ur wasting everyones time and ur money.

    (Frankie only charges 25 ph which is great for a proper studio and not some demo studio,which is what most other studios are!)
  5. avatar anty2
    lets not forget his airwolf ties ;)
  6. avatar Bileofwood
    I've just got back from Frankie's, our EP is almost complete. If you wanna hear just how fabulous he can make a tune sound send me a PM with your email and I'll send you a couple of tracks.

    That goes for everyone that reads this, actually.

    Immense. The guy is a wizard on the knobs. I'm telling you now.
  7. avatar Richard
    What's Frankie's rates like per song?
  8. avatar TheShredguru
    yeah; that'ss what I would also quite like to know... :)
  9. avatar Strong Reaction
    Depends how well rehearsed you are and how long the song will take. If you're tight I'd say a day for the song and mixing. Probably better to go in with a few songs rehearsed to f*ck and see how you go. Book 2 days. Not much sense in recording just one track. Unless it's an epic like Sleep or Pink Floyd.
  10. avatar Declan