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    Gigantic v Kitsch
    with Jonny Tiernan v Gregz McCann at the Silent Disco
    Dave F in the Ballroom
    Le Galaxie Live
    Chill out area
    Festival Goodies Giveaways

    If youíre the type of festival-head who canít wait for summer then the Smirnoff Be There Festival is just for you. It packs everyoneís outdoor festival favourites into one place and under one roof. Itís a festival with a big difference. Now everyone gets to enjoy a taste of the festival in their favourite nightclub Ė and all on one amazing night.

    Centre-stage at every Smirnoff Be There Festival is the fabulous Silent Disco but, like the best festivals, itís not just about the music. Special Smirnoff Be There Festival staff will be on hand to distribute some very cool festival goodies including ponchos, sunglasses, bags and glowbands.

    The two longest running Bunker club nights from different ends of the musical spectrum go head to head at the silent disco, as Gigantic with Jonny Tiernan is pitted against Gregz McCann and his fun filled Kitsch club. Gigantic is noted for playing the best in new indie and electro while Kitsch likes to focus on the cheesier end of things with classic 80s pop, 70s disco and a generous helping of hairspray rock.

    In the Ballroom, a veteran of many festivals, Dave F will be playing a selection of memorable music from festivals past alongside the tunes that will rock your world this summer.

    Smirnoff Festival-goers can add to the atmosphere and really make it a night to remember by dressing up and arriving in festival-friendly gear. Wellies, hats and anoraks are all welcome!

    The Smirnoff Be There Festival is pitching up at some of Irelandís biggest and best known clubs.

    Be There for the Smirnoff Festival at Laverys Belfast on Sat 22nd May, 2010.

    Enjoy Smirnoff Sensibly. Visit drinkaware.co.uk