1. avatar Cugel
    Fantastic attenuator for amps up to 45 watts - Especially useful for Fender Deluxe amps with twitchy volume controls, but will suit any valve amp with 4, 8 or 16ohm speakers.

    I perfect working order and no cosmetic issues. Will mount inside the back of the combo. Last one on eBay went for 120, so that is what I am asking.

    Only selling as I have sold the Blues Deluxe and gone to a Laney Lionheart 5watt.


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  2. avatar Cugel
    If 120 is too much make an offer.

    Would also trade for one of the following:

    Boss RE20 Space Echo
    EHX Memory Man
    MXR Carbon Copy
    TRex Delay
    DigiTech JamMan
    Boss RC20
    EHX Micro Synth
    anything boutique and interesting
  3. avatar Cugel
    100 ono

    Also open to trades for interesting things musical.

    These things are class!
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  5. avatar Cugel
    very cost effective alternative to a hot plate or power soak.
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    It's gone