1. avatar Good Vibrations: The Film
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    [b:85b9a0c9bd]The story of Terri Hooley, Belfast's punk godfather, and the Good Vibrations record shop.

    In the country of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.[/b:85b9a0c9bd]

    The production team are looking for [b:85b9a0c9bd]Northern Irish male musicians[/b:85b9a0c9bd] to play members of The Outcasts, Rudi, The Hopeless Cases, The Tear Jerkers and The Undertones.

    There will be auditions on Sunday 9th May from 12 til 5 at Sonic Academy (25 Talbot Street, 1st Floor Midtown Centre, Belfast, BT1 2LD).

    If you are [b:85b9a0c9bd]between 16 and 25[/b:85b9a0c9bd], male, and are a front man, or play guitar, drums or bass come along. If you have any promo material of you and your band bring it with you.

    [i:85b9a0c9bd]You won’t be required to play at this stage, but you will be asked to read a short scene.[/i:85b9a0c9bd] Your audition will be for the directors, not in front of other performers.

    Be prepared to stay for a couple of hours, we'll see people in order of arrival.