1. avatar Strong Reaction
    Reluctant sale but will let it go if the right offer is made. Bought 9 months ago, DiMarzio pick-ups, no marks on body, couple of marks on side of neck, good condition for a 30 year old guitar, maple neck. Comes with hard-case.

    Offers over 70 please.

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  2. avatar Strong Reaction
    this is still open to offers.
  3. avatar Strong Reaction
    Link to pic here as image is not showing up.

  4. avatar Strong Reaction
    Still here.
  5. avatar MLL
    I could offer £70....but i'd have to wait to sell a few things to get the money
    if you still have it by then i'll buy it.
  6. avatar Strong Reaction
    Send me an email to strongreaction@hotmail.com

    I actually need to sell it to buy something else...
  7. avatar Strong Reaction
    Still available for £70.

    Need to sell this to finance a new guitar.
  8. avatar tinpot anto
    This is the shittest motorbike ive ever seen.
  9. avatar unplugged
    great wee guitar. buy this essentially your buying a westone, which is no bad thing. they were made in same factory.

    im selling a epi les paul ian (youll see it in market) if it sells ill take this off you for the 70 your looking. wouldn mind a wee bass to tinker on through the x3 live as it has bass sounds on it.
  10. avatar Strong Reaction
    I have a Westone so had been using this as a backup, it's a fine beast.

    Gimme a shout if you sell the Epi. Have a bit of interest in this at the moment.
  11. avatar Strong Reaction
  12. avatar unplugged
    PM sent
  13. avatar Strong Reaction
    No PM received at this end Unplugged. Looks like someone is coming to collect the bass this morning. Apologies, and thanks for the interest.