1. avatar TwistedFuckinRose
    Whats happenin, pretty much as you can guess from the title of the post, we are in need of a good singer and there doesnt seem to be anybody about to do the job. Wev been playing together for a good few months now and everything is sounding great, just haven't found the right kind of singer wer lookin for. Wer looking for someone who has a good ballsy sounding voice but also have the ability to sing softly aswell, and someone whos not gonna show up and be embarrassed to sing cause we had enough of the time wasting thing. Wer all in our early - mid twenties so preferably someone around that age would be great but aslong as you have the lungs, any age is grand, preferably male. Our influences include, guns n roses, thin lizzy, queen, velvet revolver, acdc, snakepit, u get the picture im sure. style of singer in mind is the likes of axl rose, lane staley, chris cornell, freddy mercury, scott weiland, that would b great, but please, dont come down and try to be a sound alike, just want someone who can do their own thing. We practice every friday night at black swan studios in belfast centre from 6 til 9. We are 100% committed and want to take this as far as possible, so if you think you have what it takes, then gimme a shout either on here or email is tyrell_black@hotmail.com or txt or call me on 07743787070. Cheers and hope to hear from somebody soon.
  2. avatar deadpresidents
    yo nothing to do with the singerquest. I don't know if Feijaozinho Class is still running in Donegal street but someone told me there's a class in the fall's leisure centre.

    Much Love Matthew
  3. avatar kosmo
    This what you're looking for Wilson

    2010 Classes at the Dance Resource Base Studio, 35 Donegall Street, Belfast

    - Capoeira Class

    Saturdays, 12.30pm - 2pm

    Starting Sat 9th January 2010


    Capoeira is a uniquely Brazilian form of cultural expression. Although it contains obvious African influences, it is a striking and unusual mixture that defies an easy explanation of its origins. Capoeira is a subtle blend of dance, martial arts, acrobatic skills and music. It is marked by deft and tricky movements.

    The instructor, Maia Feijaozinho, originally from Brazil, arrived in Ireland four years ago. He has been playing capoeira for 20 years, and has a lot of experience in teaching capoeira for more than 10 years. The instructor has travelled around Europe, participating in many international capoeira festivals, did various social projects in Brazil and Ireland, where he was working with children and teenagers.
  4. avatar kosmo
    Up she goes
  5. avatar TwistedFuckinRose
    come on people!!!
  6. avatar moonchild

    I play guitar and sing aswell and even though I'd probably put my guitar playing as better than my singing I share a lot of influences with yous and wouldnt mind givin it a try...I think we were talking before about tryin to set up an audition but it kinda fell apart lol but sure let me know what the craic is I wouldnt mind giving it a go but like no pressure if it doesn't work, it doesn't work..I'm 19 btw


  7. avatar TwistedFuckinRose
    keep em comin!
  8. avatar Estrella Ojos
    On this topic: a lot of people can't project properly because they're afraid of wrecking their voices or don't know how to use it right. I've been working with guys & gals on volume control - from screaming to close to whisper tones.
    It's weird that people are so freaked out about actually working on becoming better at singing - it's like the subject of voice control/coaching is taboo!
    Weird, but anyway, I empathise & hope you find someone.
  9. avatar kosmo
    In a lot of cases though it's polish a turd still a turd, with the people we've had come down that claim to be singers no amount of coaching/training will ever help them develop a good voice. I discourage people not to encourage those that can't sing for they're just pissing petrol on an already out of control fire. I'm a firm believer in you've either got it or you don't talent is something you're born with no matter what that talent may be and nothing can change that. If you are talented then yes coaching will help you improve on what you have but you have to have had it to begin with.
  10. avatar TwistedFuckinRose
    thers bound to be at least one of ye's out ther!
  11. avatar kosmo
    A little kick up the arse