1. avatar Pablo33
    Selling an old Pearl Maxwin 7-piece drumkit in black. Its been around for a long time and has seen better days, but still sounds ok. Would make a good practice kit or for a beginner who wants to try drumming.

    Tom stands included but no other hardware or cymbals.


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  2. avatar Pablo33
    Bumpsy for pixy
  3. avatar dragitback
    do those stands come with the toms?
  4. avatar Pablo33
    Yeah tom stands included, but not the snare drum stand.
  5. avatar Pablo33
  6. avatar Pablo33
    Price drop
  7. avatar Chrisvito
    gave you 50 for it ...

  8. avatar Pablo33
    Still here!
  9. avatar 666Arcane
    It looks like a 6 piece to me however I would bid 60 quid for it, let me know, AfroBear out.
  10. avatar ghostofnothing
    there is 4 toms, and a floor tom, a snare, and a kick drum, thats a 7 piece braaaah
  11. avatar 666Arcane
    So the snare is included then, I gathered from the description it was the black shell pack that was for sale without the steel snare but its good to see pablo has a sales advisor for him.