1. avatar sketchy
    The annual Roccer 7-a-side tournament will take place on June 12 at the Olympia 3g pitches on the Boucher Road.

    The tournament was originally set up by myself and the guys from Panda Kopanda and has got bigger every year, raising thousands of pounds for various charities.

    If you'd like to enter, you can email me at rigsy@sketchyclub.com with a little bit about the team.

    Space is limited - teams that have entered before will be given priority. Following that, teams made up of band members (and their entourage!) or teams with a proper music connection (even regulars at the same club night would suffice) will be considered. Then just random mates making up a squad!

    Entrance fee is 100 (squads of ten players recommended) which is more expensive than last year because....
    - it's a longer day with longer matches and therfore more pitch rental
    - it will be better organized with proper refs
    - we want to raise more money than last year
    - demand is high!

    Standard is very mixed - from all girls teams right through to more competitive - the group stages are for fun but it can get a little more competitive in the knock out stages.

    Six groups of four teams - thus every team guaranteed three games.

    winners, runners up and best two 3rd place teams advance to a last sixteen.

    Sketchy DJs are covering all overheads (trophies, refs & pitch hire) so ALL your entrance money goes staight to a great cause - this year a local breast cancer charity called Pretty n Pink.

    There will also be a great raffle and an after party/BBQ etc - it's a great day out - just ask anyone whos taken part before!

    email me now if you can enter a team and i'll get back to you early next week either way - just waiting to hear from last years teams before i know number of available places.

    thanks for reading!
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  2. avatar Pavel
    I'm well up for playing, but after last year's hilarious disarray at trying to put together a team would like to put myself forward as a player (let's call it a 'free agent') for anyone in need. I'm just game for a bit of fun. Love football, play a wil' lot of it when I get the chance.

    ...used to play for Brazil and what not, etc...

    I also own a copy of Championship Manager and a clean pair of football boots, with stabilizers and go faster stripes.

  3. avatar Recycled Alien
    [quote:c430c19384="sketchy"]from all girls teams right through to more competitive[/quote:c430c19384]Excuse me? ;)
  4. avatar sketchy
    last years pics


    2008 pics

  5. avatar sketchy
    last chance to enter today, folks. if anyone wants to suggest 'managing' a team of fastfude posters that would be great.