1. avatar SimonC
    I've listed this on here before = but once again for the last time!

    For the gigging musicians - on stage this is an awesome machine. The ability to go from a clean acoustic tone to overdrive/distortion at the flick of a switch. THE most versatile electronics paired with the great build quality of TAYLOR.

    Taylor T5 Custom : made in 2008 and in totally MINT condition. Cost 2200 new -I'm reducing this for the last time.

    First 1300 secures.
  2. avatar SimonC
    BUMP (For a lovely axe!)
  3. avatar SimonC
    Great guitar .. still here for the picking (Strumming/sliding/hybrid picking/shredding...whatever really!)
    Guitar can be seen/played in the Guitar Rooms, Holywood where it is on display.