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    [b:b32dec9848]Wednesday 10th February[/b:b32dec9848]
    [b:b32dec9848]Lloyd Langford[/b:b32dec9848]
    [b:b32dec9848]James Goldsbury[/b:b32dec9848]
    [b:b32dec9848]compere: Colin Murphy[/b:b32dec9848]

    Mandela Hall, QUBSU
    Doors 9pm Tickets £5 (non students welcome)

    Queen's Comedy welcomes one of Wales' finest exports, Mr Lloyd Langford. Genuinely one of the top up and coming acts in the UK and a firm favourite at Queen's Comedy HQ. Joining him on the night is James Goldsbury and Colin Murphy

    [b:b32dec9848]Lloyd Langford[/b:b32dec9848]

    A prolific writer and performer, Lloyd Langford is proving himself to be a highly sought after act with his striking combination of natural wit undercut with a playful curiosity. Born in Wales but currently living in London, Langford's act is an ever-evolving mixture of personal anecdotes, memorable one-liners and topical material.

    “One of the sharpest comedic minds on the circuit.” The Guardian
    "The sharpest of comedy instincts and an innate grasp of timing and pace…Makes stand-up look deceptively simple." Chortle


    [b:b32dec9848]James Goldsbury[/b:b32dec9848]

    James Goldsbury, Ireland’s 3rd tallest comedian headlines most of the clubs in Ireland such as The International in Dublin, the Empire in Belfast around Ireland. In addition, he recently starred in and wrote for “Headweckers” on Channel 4 TV along with his comedy mates.

    “…a wide ranging set of inclusive and engaging humour – with a particularly infectious delight and excellence in accents – from a fine performer making his way up the comedy ladder. One to catch now before he’s huge.” – Metro
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    We’re giving away some free tickets for our show with [b:333614eccc]Lloyd Langford, James Goldsbury [/b:333614eccc]and [b:333614eccc]Colin Murphy[/b:333614eccc].

    If you'd like to get to the gig for free, all you have to do is send us an email to the address below and hope for the best!


    The competition closes at 1pm on Tuesday. Winners are picked at random and will be contacted shortly after the competition has closed.

    Otherwise tickets for the event are £5 and will be available from the door on Wednesday night. We will also be selling tickets for the [b:333614eccc]Sarah Millican[/b:333614eccc] gig after the show, so make sure to get your hands on them as they will sell quickly.