1. avatar p-t-rebel-mc
    Manus Craic Promotions:

    A Plastic Rose
    The Good Fight

    Top Of The Town (Omagh)
    Friday 18th December
    Adm: 3 before 10:30 5 after.
    Over 18's.
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  2. avatar Recycled Alien
    That's in Antrim?
  3. avatar Outta' Time Promotions
    its in omagh! cant wait :)
  4. avatar JTM
    Been to the Top Of The Town in Antrim, didn't know there was one in Omagh...

    Good line-up, good to see something happening down that way, nice work!
  5. avatar p-t-rebel-mc
    This is tommorow night so it is. If your in teh Omagh area I will be doing a show on Strule FM dedicated to this gig and the General Fiasco gig the next night in the INF.