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    The Young Blood
    [i:2e61563dd5]synthy rock quartet formerly of street punks whitenoise, indierock troop theSHOTS and sonic electro solo stint Operator[/i:2e61563dd5]

    [i:2e61563dd5]up-and-coming-up-and-at-'em soulful slick rock alŠ kings of leon[/i:2e61563dd5]

    Jupiter Saves The World
    [i:2e61563dd5]female fronted alternative emo upstarts from Banbridge[/i:2e61563dd5]

    Dead Parrots
    [i:2e61563dd5]altrock fusion from 5 guys with a penchant for live energy, enthusiasm and ready salted crisps[/i:2e61563dd5]

    Auntie Annies
    Wed 2nd Dec
    8PM // £5
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