1. avatar Hors D'oeuvres
    Hey people.

    I am selling two yamaha digital synthesizers. The models are

    SY85 (digital ROM sampling - got a great grainy sound that I think is different enough from softsynths to merit use - makes everything sound "old". It's in good condition, but the very last key on the keyboard has a small chip in it. Apart from that, good condition.


    SY77 - Awesome awesome awesome old FM + Sampling synthesizer. Has great built in filter section too, everything sounds great and there are many many many different sounds available from this unit (think earlier NIN, depeche mode, and you're on the right track). This one has three problems with it (happened on ebay delivery when i bought it two years ago) - namely:

    There are a couple of cracks in the outer casing (nothing dangerous or structurally crucial), the floppy belt drive has gone (this can easily be fixed by fitting a new belt, it wouldn't take long). I have a ton of floppy disks for both units with plenty of sounds of them that will come with the synths - but there are computer programs now that you can hook up to the synth via midi and program in soundsets in that way. This is the best option for the modern user.

    The power converter has a slight whine (this is a common problem with these synths. There is a pdf on the net to fix it/stop it from occurring, but it involves opening the synth up and doing a little soldering - something I don't have the desire/time to do). The power converter whine is only heard in the room (it doesn't affect the output of the synth) and usually when I'm working with it I ignore it after about 3 or 4 minutes as it becomes background noise.

    Pitch bend wheel is broken (but pitch bend etc obviously still works from midi)


    Stagg three tierd keyboard/synth stand. Although I don't usually buy stagg stands because they kind of suck (mic stands etc), this keyboard stand is actually rather good. It has 3 tiers and all of them are fully adjustable in terms of height, angle, width etc.

    SY85 - 75 (Since this is just an old-skool rom sampler with no synthesis generation, it's not worth so much, but it IS in good condition)

    SY77 - 100 (would be more but because of the listed minor faults (belt drive, power converter whine, broken pitch shift wheel) I've cut the price into less than half of what these usually go for on eBay.

    Synth stand - 35 (I bought it for 75 at the time and don't see myself selling it for anything more than half the price I bought it for)

    Thanks for looking. I'm based in Derry but could probably get the synths to Belfast for a sale. These boards might be useful for any electronic musicians around the place, they are timbrally quite unique.

    Let me know if you're interested!