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    - [b:cdac4ccd51]15[/b:cdac4ccd51] per hour
    - [b:cdac4ccd51]100[/b:cdac4ccd51] per day
    - [b:cdac4ccd51]200[/b:cdac4ccd51] for a 2 track demo

    See myspace for examples of work, and feel free to get in touch to discuss any project.

    A few people I've worked with over the past while include.. Before Machines, Maguire & I, Beyond Neon, The Cahier Collection, The Alice Kona Band, The Blindies, UrMuzic, Tom Southern, The Hightracks, The Breaking News, Faux Phoenix, Earls Of Enkalon, We Were Like Men Who Dreamed, Feet For Wings, King Of The Mountain, Dave McConnell, Burn The Canvas, Franklin's Kite, Delta Creek, Jazz Inc, Bobby Shaw, Ballycreagy Congregational Church, etc etc.. I'm sure you can ask any of them and get positive feedback about my work.