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    We have a packed agenda in Common Grounds this week, with three acts intead of the usual two! Due to the popularity of our music nights with local bands, we are experimenting with a three act bill to see if we can pack even more musical fun in each Friday for our lovely customers.

    This week we have:

    Thrones Of Roll is the result of its members eclectic tastes forming the basis of this powerful, yet melodic Belfast based band.

    [i:40988b7ab1]Gigging throughout their homeland it was clear that Thrones Of Roll were showing promise from the start. Their strength lies in their ability to keep the audience engaged which is clearly captured in the EP "Video Store".

    Thrones of Roll completed their mini album Video Store and an accompanying video to the the title track. This intense eight track offering from Thrones of Roll is exactly what their live audiences have been waiting for.[/i:40988b7ab1]

    "Irish rock has another band to offer the world... - Bill Johnston BBC Across The Line

    ".. the bandís driving rock went down a storm". - Newry Reporter

    "...they showed they have an extra gear and produced a tour de force in blistering driving rock coupled with the on stage presence of lead singer Shane McCaul. - Newry Reporter (on the Thrones INF Battle of the Bands success)

    "Exuding excitement and conviction they carry you with them rattling through a solid set of polished rock tunes with bounce and swagger. Lead by frontman Shane, who remains animated and enigmatic throughout the show " - GiggingNI.com

    "...It's kind of thing you could see yourself listening to at an ear blistering volume as you barrel down an American highway". - GiggingNI.com

    "This is dirty, sleazy rock that would find a very welcome place on my iPod. A worthy 8/10! " GiggingNI.com

    "Packing more muscle than a roomful of steroid abusing body builders..." AU Magazine

    "Pleasing riffs, impassioned vocals and walloping rhythms ! " AU Magazine

    With reviews like those, its going to be extremely interesting to see what they do with an acoustic gig! They've promised us that they have come up with something that will suit the cafe, and we can't wait to hear it.



    The Flora and the Fauna are Paul, John and Meaghan, of whom John and Paul have a long history of playing amazing gigs for us at Common Grounds
    We love these guys. Come down and get involved!


    Possessing one of the finest white soul voices you will EVER hear, we are looking forward to welcoming Matt back to the cafe this Friday. Unmissable.

    Music starts at 8pm
    Donations to Latin Link
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    Looking forward to this :) Those of you interested in hearing what we (The Flora,the Fauna) sound like should take this lovely little opportunity. It's always a fun wee evening!
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    We Flora Faunas will be on last now. Should be a lovely and intimate show:)