1. avatar salfhal
    Never thought of posting this up here till now.

    Myself and a few people are raising money for the NI Children's Hospice by doing this whole "No Shave November" caper, been doing it through real life donations and I think we're around the 200-250 mark so far.

    Dawned on me that there might be some friends that i'll not get so see who'd want to support us, so I've made this JustGiving page.


    If you have a few pennies in your paypal/credit/debit account feel free to throw them our way, any donations through the site are added to by the government (i think its like 10-15% or something) and will go straight to the hospice. Any donations given to me in person go though Stranmillis Union to the hospice (as part of their charity week).