1. avatar The Limelight

    DELIRIUM TREMENS[size=200][/size]
    Boston four piece Junius make their debut trip to Ireland to play Belfast this November. Their recent album ‘The Martyrdom of a Catastrophist ‘ has received critical acclaim and is available via Make My Day Records.

    "Breathtaking atmospherics and dark sensibilities deserved of being likened to The Cure's Disintegration... With high energy emanating out of a pensive sound, Junius punctures each track with unshakable singularity until it turns into something addictive and encompassing." - Exclaim! Magazine

    "This album certainly might catapult them into the realm of the most revered bands in their genre." - Absolute Punk
    <a href="http://s711.photobucket.com/albums/ww119/cdcleisurecdc/?action=view&current=junius1-1-1.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i711.photobucket.com/albums/ww119/cdcleisurecdc/junius1-1-1.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>
    Venue: Auntie Annies Attic

    Date: Friday 27th November 2009

    Ticket Price: £6.50 + Booking Fee

    Doors: 9:00pm

    Tickets online at @ www.cdcleisure.com or in katy's dalys bar

    www.juniusmusic.com // www.myspace.com/junius
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  2. avatar SweetDickWilly
    [url=http://www.myspace.com/deliriumtremensrock ]Delirium Tremens[/url] are playing at this too! Can't wait!!

  3. avatar DeliriumTremens
    Think we need to grow some beards for Friday night.
  4. avatar The Limelight
    Check out some videos by Junius:

  5. avatar Deestroyer
    Got my beard sorted for tomorrow! Yay!

  6. avatar SweetDickWilly
    Tonight - Cum git sum sukka!
  7. avatar DeliriumTremens
    I've got some fucking Jaffa Cakes in my coat pocket.
  8. avatar DeliriumTremens
    Thanks to everyone who came down, we had an absolute blast, Junius were absolutely amazing. Dana said theyd be coming back around May time, i recommend everyone to go see these guys.....