1. avatar Seamy ALB
    ALB CD's Now 5!!!!!!!!!

    Yep folks we had a chat the other night about the price of our
    cd's and what you can buy an album for on Itunes, Play.com and so on.

    We decided that we'd need to compete and it was more important to get the music out
    and entice people to our shows able to sing and rock the fuck out with us!!

    The price is now 5 plus 1.50 P&P online from http://alittlebitter.bigcartel.com/ we will also be launching NDE digitally early in 2010 for those of you who prefer it that way.

    There is also a review of NDE on metalireland.com which you can check out here http://www.metalireland.com/2009/11/19/a-little-bitter-ni-new-dawn-evolution/

    Now just buy the fucking thing!!!