1. avatar Deadlights
    Hye folks, thought i'd throw this in here to get some ideas together. Currently i play a Telecaster 72 deluxe (with the strat neck and buckers) that ive modded a good bit with rewound pups and bits and pieces. I currently play through a Kustom HV 100 2x12 Valve-State combo and its not a bad amp, pretty comparable to the Marshall AVT 100 i used to own actually, but with a little more top end. I was up recording with Pete at Blue Room just a couple of weeks ago and ended up doing most of the tracking through a Fender DeVille 2x12 60watt combo that had celestions (i think) loaded into it. Fell in love instantly with the clean on it and the spring reverb. Pete and i werent sure about using it for the dirty stuff, but after playing with a Metal-Zone into the front of it i couldnt help but be blown away by the quality of the tone for everything with pedals covering effects, drive and distortion. (the mixes are to follow on our myspace!)

    So.. ive been looking at valve amps like the DeVille 2x12 60watt reissue and the Twin Reverb 2x12 (80watt?) reissues. Would ideally like something 50watt+ for rehearsal, and dont want to look over 1000. Whats peoples opinions who's ran a similar setup, clean, driven and distortion through them? The twin looks good too, but i want to know how the 300odd price difference is justified apart from a few extra tubes and more wattage? Is the tone that much better? Btw - im not interested in extras much apart from the spring reverb.

    Comments/suggestions and even other amps that have a clean tone that good! i would be prepared to consider in the right price range. Cheers folks, looking forward to any input.... Bodles
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    I played a DeVille 4x10 for the guts of a year. Used a Tele with a Rat pedal and it sounded great!
    Cleans are lovely and thick with lots of range, dirty channel is nice for a little drive and bluesey tones but very noisy if pushed. I found running a pedal into the clean channel to be much better and clearer at volume. Loud as all hell too - 60 watts and I never had to push it past 2. Ever. And LaFaro can be loooouuuud.

    The only reason I got rid of it was that t was heavy as fook and a little noisier than I wanted. Plus I had a cab lying around doing nothing so thought I'd mak use of it.

    I would recommened DeVilles for sure.
  3. avatar Deadlights
    Nice one mate, thats good to hear! Know what u mean about volume, i never even got the damn thing near 3 in the studio either, haha. Theres wee volume attenuator boxes i started seeing on ebay that you put last in the chain on the effects loop (which it has) that lets you crank the channel volume to get the valves singing, then cuts it before the power stage to let you play it 'hot' but at a decent volume... sounds interesting. I also have a Rat pedal, so thats cool to hear you think it works well into it as well...

    Cheers matey!
  4. avatar thesacredhearts

    i use (and have done for about 5 years) a fender hot rod deluxe 112, with a jensen speaker (highly regarded for these amps) with harma cryo 6l6's and harma ECC83 STR. amps previous owner was actually pete (or maybe someone in morph). i love it and has served me very well. i play the clean channel only and like dave use a rat (a you dirty rat). does me for every sound i need to play, and the reverb is just lovely.

    the volume issue is a red herring apparently, as fender use bad quality pots on the models as stock. the volume doesnt increase smoothly like on others, but seems to be only usable between 1 and 2. reason being you go into shop, stick it at 2, and think its insanely loud, think itll be even better at 12, and get the moolah out. it actually doesnt really change that much in volume after 2 apparently, and if you want a true reflection of it, you need to swap the pots out.
  5. avatar thesacredhearts
    oh and only thing i dont like about mine is that it doesnt have a foot switch for reverb. just the pointless gain/more gain switch. if i were buying again, id look out for the deville which has switchable reverb.
  6. avatar my-angel-rocks
    [quote:5c83714bce="thesacredhearts"]fender use bad quality pots on the models as stock. the volume doesnt increase smoothly like on others[/quote:5c83714bce]

    Surely thats because they use linear pots rather than logarithmic pots, and as volume is a logarithmic function the linear pots make the volume increase less at higher volumes. Nothing to do with the quality of the components.

    That said, the twin is a fantastic amp, but it is louder than anything you'll ever need. The difference is that the twin will give you a clean signal no matter what you put through it, the deville will give some tube overdrive with high gain signals and has the two drive channels (which is never a Fender amp's strongest point). The twin is also about 10kg heavier, so practices/gigs can double as a trip to the gym as well.

    [edit] Oh yeah, and the twin has a really nice analog tremelo effect too.
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  7. avatar thesacredhearts
    ive no idea tbh, its just what id heard. never the less its what happens with the stock pots.
  8. avatar thesacredhearts
    thought it was vibrato on the twin?
  9. avatar elusivelight
    I think you would be fine with a Hot Rod Deluxe, it's got the same tone as the other two and clocks in a good deal cheaper.

    40 valve watts will be more than powerful enough to play in a live setting, the two amps you mentioned are both hybrid types, a valve amp running at full pelt will take your face off. Don't forget bands like the Beatles were using Vox AC30s in the days when PA and FOH were very poor, and they did ok!
  10. avatar my-angel-rocks
    [quote:33a6308190="thesacredhearts"]thought it was vibrato on the twin?[/quote:33a6308190]

    Its labelled vibrato, but its a tremelo effect.
    Leo Fender got the two effect names mixed up.
  11. avatar mynameisdave
    No worries at all dude.

    Aye, I noticed those attenuators too and nearly got one but wasn't too sure about it as it works just like a pedal, so you're as well turning the amp up and cutting the volume on the Rat really. Those things don't do anything with the power of the tubes the way a power soak would so I was a little concerned... They do record well though when you can crank 'em. I used one for our album and it came out grand. There's just something about a head and cab that I can't resist though!
  12. avatar Deadlights
    thanks for all the info folks, its been a really good read! Im def gonna look into the deluxe/deville amps seriously now as a purchase. One last wee question to wrap it up though thats bugging me. From what ive seen and thesacredhearts mentioned, am i right in saying none of the models have footswitchable reverb? As simple as it is, i would want to use the verb on it quite a bit, but here and there on certain tunes, and trips back and forth to the amp when playing live is always a bit of a hassle and breaks your stride. do ANY of these series of amps (including the blues deville, which i dont know anything about) have footswitchable verb? If they dont its a real let down on fenders end, cos the twins do..
  13. avatar thesacredhearts
    thesens do http://www.guitarampkeyboard.com/en/fender-65-reverb/333

    and im nearly sure the blues model did, but im not sure if they are in production or not anymore, i cant see any on gak or dolphin. you're other option i guess is to go down the reverb pedal use.

    tbh for my sound, i always have reverb around 4/5, and it never causes any real problem for me live, despite some songs being totally 'clean' (as such). for spacier sounds when recording ill use several reverbs and delays, which is something ill do with reverb and 2 delays with short and long repeats live.