1. avatar iamchrisyouarenot
    CLUB:STA returns to Mason's in Derry with a bang featuring 3 of the finest acts N.I has to offer MojoFury, Revivor & The Rupture Dogs.

    First up are The Rupture Dogs described by AU Magazine as"Following determinedly in the path of powerful Northern Irish acts such as In Case Of Fire, The Rupture Dogs' astounding debut unleashes an incessant thrashing that threatens to burst your brains and leaves you gasping for breath................." with a their debut album just released be ready to be impressed by their massive sound.

    Secondly are Derry's Revivor.With an album already under their belts and a new E.P on the way surely this will a be sight to behold described as" a unique sound of their own. I've never heard anything like it but can hear the Rush, Tool and King Crimson influences.Great album"

    And Finally MojoFury.Already well established as one of the finest acts N.I has produced they have been mesmerizing audiences far and wide with their stunning live performances.With their forth coming Debut album almost ready to be released upon the world be prepared for MojoFury to take over the airwaves for years to come.

    Three bands for 5 what else could you want
  2. avatar diabolikal616
    Personally, I would want three bands for 3 or less, ha. The Rupture Dogs, on the other hand, might want their name spelt properly on the flyer though... ;)