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    Ordinary Days proudly presents:

    [size=200]JAMES BLACKSHAW
    +ROBYN G SHIELS[/size]

    Thursday 26th November
    The Menagerie Bar
    9pm / £7

    [b:c2b5c9783d]JAMES BLACKSHAW[/b:c2b5c9783d]


    mp3: [url=http://younggodrecords.com/audio/FreeMP3/JamesBlackshaw/01JamesBlackshaw-Cross.mp3]Cross[/url]

    [i:c2b5c9783d]"... Blackshaw writes high drama into instrumental music with subtlety and charm, speaking on sentiments and stories without requiring a single lyric...[/i:c2b5c9783d]" – [b:c2b5c9783d]Pitchfork[/b:c2b5c9783d]

    [i:c2b5c9783d]"Blackshaw's got it all: skills to hyperventilate for, and instinctual loveliness in spades."[/i:c2b5c9783d] - [b:c2b5c9783d]Kitty Empire, The Observer[/b:c2b5c9783d]

    [i:c2b5c9783d]"The sound this time is a little fuller, a little more orchestrated, a little further away from the folk/Takoma school tag he was first saddled with, but his grace-filled compositional style remains more or less consistent...gorgeous, pensive...an extraordinary album"[/i:c2b5c9783d] [b:c2b5c9783d]John Mulvey/Uncut Magazine [/b:c2b5c9783d]

    When UK-native James Blackshaw plays his 12-string guitar, something spiritual takes place. Performing and recording since 2003, his name is frequently mentioned alongside the likes of [b:c2b5c9783d]Jack Rose, Steffen Basho-Junghans, Sir Richard Bishop and Glenn Jones[/b:c2b5c9783d] as one of the most foremost modern pioneers of solo acoustic guitar music.
Now at the age of 28, Blackshaw, an untrained musician born and still residing in the suburban environs of Greater London, draws as much inspiration from [b:c2b5c9783d]early religious music, South-Asian folk music[/b:c2b5c9783d] and composers such as [b:c2b5c9783d]Arvo Part, Simeon Ten Holt, Steve Reich and Charlemagne Palestine[/b:c2b5c9783d] as he does from [b:c2b5c9783d]John Fahey, Robbie Basho[/b:c2b5c9783d] and the early [b:c2b5c9783d]Takoma Records[/b:c2b5c9783d] roster, constantly breaking boundaries in what could be conceived as a somewhat limited medium.

    This has culminated in Blackshaw's most breathtaking release to date, The Glass Bead Game, through [b:c2b5c9783d]Michael Gira's Young God Records[/b:c2b5c9783d].

    [i:c2b5c9783d]"His music has given me hours of joy personally, and I'm extremely proud to have him on my label. Live, his performances are utterly engaging and moving - even overwhelming - it's hard to imagine so much sound coming from one guitar."[/i:c2b5c9783d] [b:c2b5c9783d]Michael Gira, Swans / Young God Records[/b:c2b5c9783d]


    [b:c2b5c9783d]RUBY COLLEY[/b:c2b5c9783d]

    Since starting the violin at the tender age of three, Ruby has developed her skills and interests surrounding the violin in many different areas. Initially classically trained, she went on to develop her skills at the Royal Academy of music aged 13.
    After completing her studies at the Academy, Ruby then went on to do a degree in music/composition at Darting College of Arts. This is where she started to explore many other avenues of music such as [b:c2b5c9783d]contemporary classical, World Music, Jazz[/b:c2b5c9783d] and much more. It was the many musical genres/composers that she studied that influenced the music she is writing today, such as [b:c2b5c9783d]Steve Reich, Eastern European folk and progressive rock music[/b:c2b5c9783d].
    Ruby performs her music alone, with an electric violin and a series of peddles, such as a loop-station, delay, and octave pedal. These gadgets allow her to create a complex web of sound that can be heard like an electric orchestra with an array of interesting noises and ambient sound-scapes.


    [b:c2b5c9783d]ROBYN G. SHIELS[/b:c2b5c9783d]

    Born Kilrea, Northern Ireland. Living Belfast. Melancholic, poetic and haunting singer/songwriter. Targets the dark noise at the back of your life and teases it to the front. Debut album ‘A Lifetime of Midnights’ released on No Dancing Records in 2005 had the reviewers reaching for the adjectives.
    In the words of Matt Dornan, Editor, Comes with a Smile: ‘Unlike countless other releases that name check the likes of [b:c2b5c9783d]Will Oldham, Low and Red House Painters[/b:c2b5c9783d] as musical references, this is a record that can withstand – and I’d argue surpass – those comparisons with ease.’


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    Tomorrow night. Don't miss out - promises to be pretty special.
    There will be a session and chat with James on Radio Ulster's Arts Extra tomorrow between 6.30-7pm
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    There will be some exclusive pre-release debut albums for sale also. 'Murmurations' is officially due to be launched on Feb 4th at the Kings Head, so get in early! ;)

  4. avatar Revenge Therapy
    might hit this! stage times?
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    [quote:acbb29d833="Revenge Therapy"]might hit this! stage times?[/quote:acbb29d833]

    let's go for -

    robyn: 9.30
    ruby: 10.15
    james: 11