1. avatar ZenMN
    25watt. 2-channel. 3 band Eq and Reverb (internal coil)
    Great little practice amp. Smooth, awesome cleans and good distortion range.
    Has a 8ohms output and a footswitch socket (not included but cheap to get off ebay)
    Long power-lead.
    Like new apart from two scuffs out of the back above the speaker cabinet.

    Good for a new guitarist, or an established one that wants to practice on something other than their big rig.



    [url=http://media.musicalplanet.com/pdf/FEN320.PDF]Fender Champion 110 User Manual[/url]
  2. avatar SafeHands83
  3. avatar ZenMN

    Going on eBay thursday (26th Nov) if its not sold by then.