1. avatar Clements
    Iím in a band called ďDecomposing In ParisĒ I write and arrange most of the songs for the fantastic Becca Hopkins to singÖ
    There are a couple of songs up on myspace if you want to have a listen:
    Iíve also got a few songs that Iíve recorded myself up here:
    Iíd like to form another band with some influences from The Smiths, The Doors, Jeff Buckley, Leonard Cohen, Soundgarden, Rage Against The Machine, Johnny Cash, Radiohead, & Tom Waits among others. Iíd want to sing, and probably contribute significantly to the songwriting and arranging. I have an HND (Distinction) in music, Iím Grade 8 (Distinction) Popular Music Theory. I did a vocal Grade 5 a while ago (Distinction). But letís be honest, grades donít mean very much, I want to make some music. Get in contact if youíre interested. Previous gigging experience vital.
  2. avatar Clements