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    Ordinary Days Presents:

    [size=200]TICKLEY FEATHER
    + JL SEAGULL[/size]

    The Menagerie Bar
    Tuesday 17th November
    8pm / £5 (includes entry to Black & White Trash clubnite)

    [b:9d00415124]TICKLEY FEATHER[/b:9d00415124]


    Youtube: [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ygLrJfPOUM]Trashy Boys[/url]

    [i:9d00415124]"The arrangements , vocals and lyrics all have a certain lightness, but they're twisted in all sorts of directions and the results are stunning"[/i:9d00415124] [b:9d00415124]WIRE[/b:9d00415124]
    [i:9d00415124]“The juxtaposition between the haunting and the naive is one of the key things that make the record (Hors D’Oeuvres) such a likeable and engaging listen."[/i:9d00415124] - [b:9d00415124]Drowned in Sound[/b:9d00415124]

    Tickley Feather is Annie Sachs. She grew up in rural Virginia but has been living in Philadelphia for 5 years now. She has been using her time learning to write and record her own music as part of her nights spent at home, adapting to being the single mother of a young child. Sachs is a four tracking hobbyist who's musical spirit dwells in the realm of her own natural inclinations. She is a firm believer in doing what feels right, and in her recordings she really uses her solo status to great advantage. It adds up a very personal sound which involves all sorts of sensations from serendipity to silliness, and even the sweet and eerie sound of her little boy's voice as he tells her his ideas.

    Through working with a mutual friend of [b:9d00415124]Animal Collective[/b:9d00415124]'s, Sachs was invited to release an album on their [b:9d00415124]Paw Tracks (Ariel Pink, Black Dice, Rings, Panda Bear[/b:9d00415124]) imprint. The self-titled album was released in the spring of 2008 and the follow-up, [b:9d00415124]Hors D'Oeuvres[/b:9d00415124] dropped in Summer 2009

    Her recordings have been praised by critics from the start, with comparisons to work by artists such as [b:9d00415124]Syd Barrett, Kate Bush, and Gilli Smith[/b:9d00415124], and all the while being given credit for having a sound that is completely its own. Now she's coming in from the outside to share her songs and it's precious beyond value.

    [b:9d00415124]JL SEAGULL[/b:9d00415124]


    Formed in 2008, Jonathan Lesbian Seagull are an improv synth-pop duo who began making music with a loop station, some green maracas and a £10 yamaha keyboard in their own words "as an adjunct to being shit at playing other instruments together". Every gig is different, with the music entirely improvised and the ever evolving songs constantly overlapping with weird covers (a current fave is Scott Walker's 'Farmer in The City' spliced with Phil Collins 'Groovy Kind of Love'). Until very recently this was also strictly a live proposition only (the band cite Bill Drummond's book '17' as a key inspiration), but you can snap up their debut release on the [b:9d00415124]cass/flick[/b:9d00415124] imprint (home of [b:9d00415124]High Places, Lucky Dragons, MT. Eerie[/b:9d00415124]) right now!
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    JL: 8.45
    Tickley: 9.30