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    Hey chaps!

    Bands required for the date above, send a mail via myspace, fastfude, hotmail whatever you like and ill get back to you all ASAP!




    Formed in 2009, Influence An Audience Promotions is all about taking home grown talent and providing a platform for local bands and musicians’ to showcase their music. Although, fundamentally a music venture, through our musical output, we aim to achieve a financial boost for local charities and causes, such as the Ulster Cancer Foundation, which has been the drive behind previous gigs. Ulster Cancer Foundation has supported thousands of local people for more than thirty years, and as they receive no government funding they rely on the generosity of local people. We have received tremendous support from local establishments, and would urge were possible for others to get behind and help us press on. We are a non-profit organisation and your help would be much appreciated. Belfast has an exciting and dedicated music population, and we aim to give something back into the community through charitable avenues. With modest entry fees and great music, come on down and show your support. Feel free to put forward any ideas, and if you are interested in arranging a gig slot, please drop us a line through Myspace or alternatively email us at influenceanaudience@hotmail.co.uk. Thanking you, Influence An Audience Promotions