1. avatar superfreakz
    anyone looking to record? All styles catered for. Anything from folk to dance. If your even a dj and fancy making your own records but don't have the know how or equipment, we can help. Or if it's just you and your acoustic?

    Best rates around.

    Located Bangor

    call 07969676978
  2. avatar superfreakz
    Want to record your music but don't have the know how or equipment? Are you a dj who has the ideas to make a dance record but doesn't know the logistics of how it all fits togther? Maybe your a singer songwriter or in a band and you want your demo to sound like it could or should go straight to radio or release? Or if you simply want to know how you would sound singing to one of your favourite songs?

    Give me a call..07969676978    Best recording rates by far!