1. avatar Stevemc
    Title pretty much says it all. I am trying to (re)learn the piano and was thinking that a digital piano could be the way to go. Needs to have at least a semi weighted action and in good working order, am based in Belfast but can collect.
  2. avatar comprachio
    If no one can help you out check out ebay for Korg SP250 digipianos. You get some great deals on them from time to time - a friend got one for 200 and I got a pristine one for 300
  3. avatar The Stav
    I have a Technics SX-PX554 I could sell ya.

    Its 88 key, fully weighted keys with a variety of piano and organ tones, as well as strings and shit like that. One of the speakers sounds a bit fuzzy, but would be easily fixed.
    It still sounds great, and if you put it through an amp it's clear as a bell.
    Otherwise it's in perfect nick.

    Gimme a ring if you're interested- 07756238660.