1. avatar RaveDisco
    Laverys Live Present - We Are Resistance / The Key of Atlas - Laverys Bunker 8pm / £5

    WeAreResistance, a multi-faceted funk-rock leviathan. Melding the brain befuddling intricacy of The Mars Volta to the psychedelic pranksterism of Frank Zappa, WAR produce a dynamic sound, one that entwines sleazy grooves with ear lacerating riffage..
Hot Press Magazine, 2009' 

    WeAreResistance (ex Mantic) sound like a montage of sketches by Bootsy Collins, Rage Against the Machine and Prince while on a rampant night out. Each song is a cavalcade of sound and celebration of circuitry, with vein pounding groove at its heart. Their live performances are full throttle dance-athons that no crowd is impervious to. Expect to be on your feet, punching the air along with everyone else.
'The Big List Magazine, 2009'

    Displaying a confidence that is immediately captivating, they unleash a set busting full of hooks, melodies and enthusiasm that has even the most jaded on-lookers nodding their head and tapping their toes. It’s inspiring to see a new band rise to the challenge of such a prestigious gig, and by the time they finish their set, sweaty and elated, more than a few people are saying very good thing about them. It’s a cliché, but they are definitely ones to watc 'BBC ATL, 2009'

    Price of admission includes entry to 'EQUILIBRIUM' - all access club incorporating 'THE AU ROOM' in the Bunker & 'DECKADANCE' in the Ballroom.
  2. avatar RaveDisco


    This Saturday!
  3. avatar kev
    Will be the craic! Hope to see plenty of faces out to the new bunker!
  4. avatar RaveDisco
    Tonight folks! :)
  5. avatar kev
    Great fuckin night last night! Great turnout and good to see a lot of new faces! Hope you enjoyed what you saw!

    Much love :-)
  6. avatar JTM
    Good stuff! Glad to hear this went well.