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    Having a clear out to make way for some new gear so i have the following for sale....

    [b:3deddcb661]All the original items are now taken pending payment over the weekend[/b:3deddcb661]

    In addition i have a lovely litte tele replica

    Its an Indie Guitars Super-T, in black with pearloid pick guard and gold hardware as below


    Lovely little player this. Action is plenty low enough for my liking, and the humbucker at the bridge gives it a lovely bite. Ive used this in my home studio for a lot of recordings and as a back up live guitar and its never let me down. One small chip on the paint on the back of the cutaway, and some light buckle rash. Comes with a strap, and padded fender gig bag. Bought this guitar off another user here for a steal price of 140 and thats all im looking for it. These retail at 295.

    I will consider trades/part exchange for items, things im interested in at the min would be a good quality analog delay or echo pedal (if its an echo pedal will take a boss re-20 space echo which aint analog but anyway), a 25 key (or above) keyboard midi controller (this would be very much dependent on the model and brand). Other payments can be made to Johnnys new mustang and delay pedal fund.

    Based in Holywood, if you want to come by and check items out, or can meet in city centre/east belfast/south belfast. All items can be delivered if needs be. Contact me via pm on here or at johnny@thejanebradfords.com


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    DL4 now gone.

    and also bump :D
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  4. avatar thesacredhearts
    bump. will rewire the bass amp at the wknd if i get a chance. price remains the same though!
  5. avatar MechMike
    My first post!
    If you can rewire the bass amp then I have a friend that may be interested. I'll speak to him by the weekend and get back to you.

    Quick question though. Why the hell was it rewired in the first place and has it not affected you using it?
  6. avatar MechMike
  7. avatar thesacredhearts
    quick answer is that there was a crackle in it, so the previous owner replaced the original cable with a guitar cable instead of speaker cable. i noticed this when i was was buying it off him. this was grand as i said id replace it, its a wee bit of soldering required.

    i bought it with the intention of using it down the line, but have since stopped playing bass live, and can put the money to better use on my guitar set up.

    will pm you back in a min.
  8. avatar thesacredhearts

    all original items now accounted for pending payment and pick up. now with added tele goodness.
  9. avatar thesacredhearts
  10. avatar kinta1
    is the tele copy still 4 sale?
  11. avatar thesacredhearts
    yes mate, still for sale. send me a mail or a pm if you'd like to arrange a look at it.

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  13. avatar thesacredhearts
    bump. will accept 130 for the tele.
  14. avatar comprachio
    You'll get 140 on ebay for that Tele copy no problem
  15. avatar thesacredhearts
    Aye probably. Just the bother of postage etc. Might have a look later.
  16. avatar SimonC
    Yeah but - Ebay's fees come out at 10% - 3& possibly for paypal = 140 turning into 122 + you'd have to post it!