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    [b:e6e3fdca14]SO:NI [/b:e6e3fdca14]Presents...

    "[b:e6e3fdca14]All The Best[/b:e6e3fdca14]" - The November Show


    Lavery's Bunker (middle bar), Belfast (Bradbury Place)
    Thursday 12th November
    Early Doors 8pm, admission 3.50 - includes free entry to club night afterwards!


    [b:e6e3fdca14]TAKE THE FIFTH[/b:e6e3fdca14]
    A band with a real N.I rock pedigree, featuring mambers of Ashanti, The Defects, Triple X, Junkmasters etc. Powerful and emotional rock - lyrically thoutful with melodic bite.

    Playing their first ever show - another band with history in rock acts Dead FM, Stonefish and Preacher John, and also featuring the pumping rhythm section of punksters Redeye. However, this is a brand new propostion - driving melodic rock with strong vocals from frontwoman Annika.

    Strong and eclectic alt-rock with influences ranging from The Stone Roses to Radiohead to Bob Dylan. Marking their SO:NI debut.
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    This Thursday night - first band onstage 8.45pm.

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