1. avatar jeeves1010

    I am having a mini clear out of gear in time for Xmas.

    I bought some great gear in anticipation of going through my 'Dylan' electric phase but it never materialised so I have some FANTASTIC gear in IMMACULATE condition for sale...

    (1) [b:a5306c44be]Epiphone Wildkat[/b:a5306c44be] - "This little guitar is the spunky, punky nephew of a Gibson 335; the aggressive edge of those lovely P-90's rediscover and redefine the sonic territory once trod by the all-but-forgotten pioneers of electric music. The neck pickup offers a dark, sultry jazz and a warm, fat blues depending on your control settings and where and how you strike the strings."

    Wildkat comes with a free hardcase!

    Photo: http://www.dv247.com/assets/products/37197_l.jpg

    [b:a5306c44be]PRICE: (On it's own) - 280[/b:a5306c44be]

    (2) [b:a5306c44be]Peavey Valveking 112 Combo Amp (NEVER USED)[/b:a5306c44be] -

    Photo: http://images.buzzillions.com/images_products/09/07/79878_raw.jpg

    [b:a5306c44be]PRICE: (On it's own) - 220[/b:a5306c44be]

    [b:a5306c44be]Buy both these items together and I'll throw in a BRAND NEW Boss Bluesdriver Pedal (Worth 69!)[/b:a5306c44be]

    - Pickup/ viewing in the Banbridge/ Co. Down area.

    For further information email me at: jamiehylands@hotmail.com or 07856137517


  2. avatar guitarlover
    [size=100][/size] hey im interested. woud u b interested in a trade????? for the valveking??
  3. avatar guitarlover
    woud u do a trade of a rg200g3 4 da valveking