1. avatar WilliamWoods1
    What I have to offer here is a Sabian XS20 18" china cymbal!
    Brand new these go for around 100.. this is a year old and I will be honest is a bit out of shape.. but it still sounds brilliant! Due to the condition (which is genuinely still good) I am selling this for 30 or any offers I am open to!
    I can supply a picture on demand!
    A tama iron cobra jr. powerglide single bass drum pedal,
    Hardly ever used and in great condition and a great pedal, Brand new were lookin around 50/60.. for a quick sale I will be looking 20 for it!
  2. avatar rawksheep
    i shall take that kick pedal if i may?
  3. avatar Valkaine Miki
    might be interested in this china mate.
    do you have any pics of it in its current condition?
  4. avatar clss_act_00
    if rawksheep doesn't take the kick pedal i will, 07929174295
  5. avatar rawksheep
    Hi willheim, check your messages please...