1. avatar SwearToShakeItUp
    For sale:

    [b:9a16d9877f]Epiphone Les Paul Junior Sunburst[/b:9a16d9877f]
    -Single cutaway and single humbucker
    -perfect condition
    -[b:9a16d9877f]45 or nearest offer[/b:9a16d9877f]

    Link to a similar pic: http://www.dolphinmusic.co.uk/shop_image/product/b6485a43aee824ef6552418bb187d5d6.jpg

    [b:9a16d9877f]Roland Cube 30 Bass Amp[/b:9a16d9877f]-30 watt (but quite loud)
    -perfect condition
    -6 types of COSM bass amp models including octave bass sound
    -5 high-quality DSP effects: reverb, delay, chorus, flanger and T-Wah
    -[b:9a16d9877f]70 or nearest offer[/b:9a16d9877f]

    Link to similar pic:
  2. avatar SwearToShakeItUp
    PM me for info :)
  3. avatar SwearToShakeItUp
    Epiphone is gone. Bass amp still available. BUMP
  4. avatar SwearToShakeItUp
  5. avatar Mikal
    My first post!
    Bass amp still for sale??