1. avatar Chuffola
    Both on gumtree http://belfast.gumtree.com/belfast/28/48668628.html

    The Strat is a beaut - but there is a ding as you can see in the photos. 160 Includes hardcase.

    ME70 is mint condition with box & manual. Even through in a 9v adapter for it too. 120.

    270 for both.

    Got the Variax 600 I was after and now need to sell to fund a Pod XT Live or face a messy, prolonged and expensive divorce.

    My Peavey JF1 335-copy remains on the market too - reducing the price to 125. Send me a pm or an email via gumtree if you have any interest or want more photos. Cheers.
  2. avatar Chuffola
    Shameless bump.

    Reduced prices - the Squier is 250 new, I'm selling with hardcase 160. Boss ME-70 now 120 (with box & manual). Peavey JF1 125.

    All three on gumtree.

    Squier & ME70 - 270
    JF1 & ME70 - 230

    Give me a shout here or via the ads on gumtree. Thanks for looking.
  3. avatar Per
    is the strat still available? the gumtree link didn't work for me. is it the sunburst or candy apple red one?
  4. avatar Chuffola
    Hi. Fraid not - sold the Peavey and the Boss and decided to keep the Strat. Well worth keeping your eye out for one though - its a great guitar.