1. avatar spanishwedding
    My first post!
    Are you planning your wedding day? Well guess what?

    We have the ideal place for you.
    Just image having your own wedding planner supporting you all the way!
    Yes, sunny Spain....... Sun, Beaches, Castles, Villas, Pools, Sangria.....
    and the best care as well.
    We can look after all details: location, limo, transport, cake, meal...
    Yeah but how much does it cost? A very good question! well listen you tell us your budget and we will tell you exactly what you will get.
    Have something different!
    Flamenco Dancers? Get married by the Pool?
    Have your wedding in a medieval castle?
    Hear the waves while you say "I do".... the romance just doesn't stop there.
    Now the tricky part.... the cost!
    What that will depend entireley on your budget.

    If you can afford 2500 then we can help you!!!
    If you have 30,000 the sky is the limit!!!
    Contact us: 9 Ashbourne Court
    Main Street, Ashbourne
    Co. Meath (Ireland)
    T: 018359747 / 0877911104
    Email : spanishwedding9@gmail.com
    Website: http://s1.webstarts.com/spanish_wedding
  2. avatar Smallsquare
    I srsly doubt you could get a wedding in the sky for 30,000. The cost of helicopters these days and even taking into account recent developments in zeppelin technology there are suitable for even a small reception.
  3. avatar salfhal
    LMAO this is the same dude as the special needs transport, you're a header!
  4. avatar martyboyle
    My wife and I were going to go away to Florida because we thought it would be cheaper but after buying a house we reevaluated our finances and decided to cancel the wedding away and organise one here (Armagh).

    It was the best decision.

    We had full control of everything and way more control over the price. It was much cheaper than having a wedding away and more importantly, we had more friends and family present by having it here.

    When we were organising the wedding away it was so frustrating trying to get things organised. Everything had to be done over the phone or email and it took, at one stage, two weeks just to get a list of venues and menus for having a reception after the wedding.

    My advice, unless loads of your family can afford to go away (which I'm sure most people don't have the money to do) and you can be really confident that the company will give good responses and be good at doing stuff for you (which they prob won't) just organise it at home.

    Much cheaper and much more fun.

  5. avatar churchwarden
    [quote:f8cb0319a7]My advice, unless loads of your family can afford to go away (which I'm sure most people don't have the money to do) and[/quote:f8cb0319a7]

    Surely the point of having your wedding abroad is that there are NO family :D

    When we got married (ten years ago next month) we got married in Vegas (in a hammer house of horror style off-strip Chapel plus a trip to the county court house to get it all certified and legal) ; then , when we got home, we had a party at the Golden Thread Theatre (more elderly members of fastfude may recall it was above the Golden Thread Gallery when it was on the Crumlin Road) with booze, circus acts, DJs, burgers, ice cream , burlesque dancers, souvenir lighters and cigarettes [ the days when you could smoke in bars...]

    Best of both worlds - could have a wedding that was not taken over by everyone else, and then have a party that anyone who had an idea on how it should be organised could just go ahead and organise it...